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Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t

Charlie Kelsey is a writer/contributor for this comedy-based, controversial sports site concerning professional sports and their implications in popular culture.

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Pi Kappa Alpha Gamma Omega
Website re-designed and managed by Charlie Kelsey utilizing Celect. Also contains Rush 2013 video
edited by Charlie Kelsey.

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LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn profile, updated November 2013.

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YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel, with videos from Palo Alto High, UM, Zoomforth, Pi Kappa Alpha, etc.

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Zoomforth’s website.

“Charlie was excellent to work with and a big asset to Zoomforth. He’s highly creative, skilled in production, and very responsive. We couldn’t have asked more from him.”

– Chris Murphy, Creative Director and C0-Founder of Zoomforth


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