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Charlie Kelsey is a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a video editor, website designer and writer. Born and raised in England, he attended Palo Alto Senior High school in Palo Alto, CA. He currently lives in Chapel Hill, NC after two years at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL. He has worked as an intern and technological consultant for Zoomforth, a San Francisco based web start-up, built websites for StreetWaves Non-Profit and Pi Kappa Alpha’s Miami chapter, and wrote his first full length screenplay called Third Coast Kings last summer at the University of Southern California. He currently works as an intern reading and covering scripts for Rhino Films in Westchester, CA.

This site is a fully functional blog concerning anything and everything, and contains links to Charlie’s YouTube channel, started in 2011 with friend and co-anchor for the InFocus Television Network at Palo Alto High, Nick Forlenza. As a student of both history and film, expect a focus on both fields, with no shortage of discussion on the NFL, NBA, and NCAA. Also expect guest collaborations from fellow writers.

Charlie also writes, under the name Chaz, for Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t, a comedy-based sports site with contributors from across the country. Check it out for a more controversial take on the NFL, NBA and MLB.

Explore the site, take a look at the short films, visit the sites designed under the CK Designs name, and take a look at excerpts from some recent screenwriting. Chances are slim, but you might actually enjoy it.


“Charlie was excellent to work with and a big asset to Zoomforth. He’s highly creative, skilled in production, and very responsive. We couldn’t have asked more from him.”

– Chris Murphy, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Zoomforth

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Charlie (center) with friends Luke Prioleau and Joe Christopherson at Snowbird, Utah